• Inspired by people with mental disabilities/diseases • Wanted to help make their lives easier and engineer an app/website to support families and enable the impaired members to communicate with a memory board+chat box to interact with

What we learned

• Learned from workshops about things like agile, accessibility, GitHub, etc. • Learned to differentiate AR, VR, and MR • Unity and insights in creating an app or website

What it does

The Virtual Assistant Memory Board:

• Benefit families with disabled members by programming a virtual assistant to look after the affected family member • Guides disabled member through a daily routine • Reminds them to do daily tasks like eating and taking medication while offering tasks and activities

The Chat Box:

• GUI that takes user’s input and produces output • Communicating with user giving them someone to talk to or listen to them • Offers educational games like simple math or spelling problems

How we built it

• Allison and Derek worked on VA Memory Board; Allison coded the functions while Derek debugged the code • Savva and Jose worked on the chat box to create different interactions, Jose stored different interactions and created the PowerPoint. Savva coded and strung different interactions between the user and software

Challenges we ran into

• Most members had Mac making GitHub a little difficult • Allison’s code had to be debugged and edited • Whole team stayed up overnight causing drowsiness • Whole team’s first hackathon

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

• Made it through out first hackathon • Had fun learning from mentors • Constructed an idea and gave assignments to everyone for the whole project to come together

What's next for Abode Aid

• As we progress in programming, we plan to improve the program • Implement AI chatting for enhanced responses • Install different languages for better accessibility • Being able to send schedules to family members • Have profiles for everyone with their information (preferred drugstore, doctors, and emergency contacts) • Daily Status check list • Generate activity reports for weekly review to adjust schedules or activities • Send reports to family members to let them know how they’re doing

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