JDA (Job Description Analyzer) sparks from the pains of hiring in the modern workplace. New one-off jobs, future-of-work careers, big recruiter networks & inherent biases in our hiring decisions make it trickier to convey the right hiring needs and find the right talent faster! More often than not, hiring managers end up with generic job descriptions and tons of assumptions around who they should hire (or how many!).

When it comes to hiring, busy managers need a simple way to streamline who and what they look for. JDA is an Azure-powered chatbot that brings helps drive the most important part of looking for talent - the top of the funnel!

What it does

Simply add the bot to your Skype, Teams or Slack apps and start talking about your next hire in short phrases, skills and responsibilities. You don't have to worry about full sentences, just 3-5 short phrases!

When you're done, JDA (powered by HumanEven) will send you:
  • The kind of hire you're looking for in a standardized job-title mix.
  • Decision-making insights to see if the work demands a consulting engagement or can be done by a single person.
  • Bias-savvy pointers on what you should watch out in your conversations with recruiters.
  • Instant job description templates to give you kick-start
  • and, if you connect your talent pool, a set of matching candidates you can immediately reach out to!

How we built it

  • AI & HR Tech Stack from HumanEven &
  • NodeJS + Custom Machine Learning (Python, Azure & Natural-based models) for Bias-detection/prediction logic
  • Technology for Resume Parsing, Recruiting Candidate Matches
  • Chatbot powered by Azure Bot Service, Azure Text Analytics & Bing Search APIs with rich cards
  • Job template technology powered by Azure Custom Search APIs
  • for rapid serverless hosting :)

What's available in the full version (contact us at

  • Applied for Form Recognizer Preview to build a custom model to process project documents, SOW and candidate resumes and spark hiring insights.
  • We're creating an Azure-powered "Apply Now" button that screens candidates right at the front of the selection process.
  • We're incorporating voice & phone-call based interactions, so managers can talk handsfree to get their talking points.
  • We've also started collecting a dataset of interview questions to help the hiring manager help ask great questions that screen the A+ talent from the rest.

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