The Problem

Medical personnel works in herds of infection and rapidly become infected with COVID-19. As a result, global health systems get more overloaded.

The Solution

Cross-Platform Social Media Chatbots, which perform a pre-diagnosis and give doctors and medical staff the opportunity to treat mild cases without physical contact remotely in a scalable way.


  • Distributed Hospitals@Home and SocialWork@Home. Instead of building an app, we want to achieve this with social media bots for existing platforms
  • Users can interact with our Bots, answer questions and provide information about their current situation.
  • This information is then processed and forwarded to social media groups.
  • Care workers and medical staff can pick up cases, consult, educate, provide guidance and support remotely.

Bots > App

As most people already have an account and use social media, there is no registration or download required. Easy to Access We believe our Software will be useful, as it was built to be simple, easy to understand, empathic, easily accessible and highly scalable.


The ability to reach further, to grow at a faster rate and help people around the world in need.

Would you like to work with us?

Join our distributed remote team of cool jacks and kinky queens. We’re integrative, empathic, melancholic&hilarious!

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posted an update

Hi Jahoorahmad! Thx for the question. Our project is not focused on generating social media content, it is about allowing facilities and communities to coordinate the medical staff that is available to them via social media bots.

We believe there is and will be a lot of pressure on the existing governmental and health institutions and we want to support those institutions by providing a easy, accessible and scalable solutions to treat patients remotely.

Treating mild cases remotely is also the official recommendation for "mild cases" by the WHO, Source and was found as the optimal mitigation strategy by a study recently published in nature source.

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