What it does

Integrated on all Platforms: Slack, facebook ,messaging, Alexa

Bots for healthcare: Connect patients to the right contacts directly via EMR-to-patient portal connectivity Give appointment details, make changes, and complete personal updates Let patients easily refill prescriptions, pay bills, and take action on alerts Deliver lab, test, and procedure outcomes and recommended next steps Offer convenient help across all channels – text, email, mobile app, phone, website

How I built it

I build the bots using Node.js and machine learning.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the entire app by myself

What I learned

I learned how to efficiently sync data across Alexa,slack,facebook our Mobile App, and the Bot

What's next for Humana

I want to implement a machine learning layer on the bot and application to allow for robust sharing of requests across all users.I can improve in a number of ways -- we will tackle these tasks generally in order of importance as we see fit.

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