Inspiration: Desire to help the ocean and bring awareness to what's detrimental to the ocean through a pleasing virtual ocean model.

What it does: Models the effects of certain human activities on the ocean's health.

How we built it: We used RBX Studio, a Lua based platform. We researched qualitative data to recreate the cause and effect relationship between human activities and ocean health.

Challenges we ran into: Correlating all the factors relating to ocean health and calculating the results of the water quality measurements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Correlating all the quantitative information together and making a reasonable model despite the lack of specific quantitative data was a challenge we overcame that we are proud of.

What we learned: Developing a model is very difficult because you have to find the correlation between many different variables. We also learned how to apply statistical knowledge such as probability and applying mathematical equations.

What's next for Human Impact Ocean Model Generator: Introduce more variables for a more precise model, expand the size of our model, time-lapse, and introduce fluid dynamics and currents to the model.

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