I was walking in downtown Toronto on a bright summer day. I look around me at the view, and then the people, but something was wrong... the people seemed to be missing. The city seemed... Empty.

Everyone was looking down on their phone and living their own personal bubble.

I found it so ironic that technology was made to bring humans together, yet at the same time it pushes us so far apart.

Hence, my partner Matthew and I stepped forward to bring a solution to the table. We wanted to use the power of technology to bring people closer together than ever before.

What it does

Imagine playing Manhunt, but on a city wide level and with people you don't know! You can start a game or join one from a list of local games in the area. Every 30 seconds, the location of every person in the game is displayed on map for a brief second. In this time your goal is either to hunt people down, or be hunted...

While playing, it is encouraged for you to get out there and talk to random people to figure out who your target may be. This encourages the social aspect of the game which is to meet new people. Once you have caught the person you were chasing, TAKE A SELFIE with them and SHARE IT on your Huntr Gallery. The more people you catch, the larger your gallery.

Make sure to also get some small talk into there as well!

How we built it

The mobile application itself was built in React Native with the server and REST API implemented in Ruby on Rails.

Challenges we ran into

React Native as a whole was a challenge due to the sheer number of errors we encountered and head-bashing we endured.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall idea itself is really creative way to bring people and communities together in the world. We are proud of moving humanity one step closer to each other together.

What we learned

React native is a pain to work with.

What's next for Human Huntr

  • Complete the game
  • Multiple game modes including
    • Huntr the Flag
    • Hunt and Seek
    • The Huntr Games
  • Monetization models:
    • Corporate sponsored games with prizes, in return, players play in specific area (near a shopping mall for example)
    • HuntrSports (Annual massive scale games occurring in huge cities across the world, people rank in leaderboards, pay a small fee to play)
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