the inspiration for this project comes from the stress that humans face at there jobs. everyone is afraid of contacting someone because they don't know if the other is infected or not. for those who have to go to work the employer should improve their security with technologies and employs should know that most likely the other with whom they are working are healthy and aren't dangerous for them.

What it does

the device monitors body temperature, blood pressure, and skin conductance. with all the data gathered from sensors, it measures how healthy is the one who wears the watch. also, it reports this data to the server and then to the security survivalence center. other benefits from the device are RFID and employ tracking with routers in the building and card readers that could be very useful on fire alarms.

How we built it

it may be built by the sensors that are used in other smartwatches and RFID processors and wifi processors that are used in various other devices.

Challenges we ran into

the device should be designed in the way that every employee would like to wear it and it should be as accurate and affordable as it is possible in our days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

at list some the big companies integrating the device in their security

What we learned

What's next for human health tracking smartwatch for employs

Built With

  • c
  • sensors
  • server
  • wifi
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