Privacy in the shared dorm room

What it does

Curtain raised and lowered by pressing buttons on an Android app connected via Bluetooth, with additional features of a clock and a speaker that can play the notes equivalent of a song

How we built it

We used Arduino nano, a stepper motor, a Bluetooth module, and MIT app inventor.

Challenges we ran into

Bluetooth didn't always connect, wiring was complicated and could get undone, hardware failure

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the Bluetooth working, completing a working project in the time given

What we learned

Sometimes the hardware itself can be unreliable and cause unforeseen hardships; ideas that work in theory can sometimes run into unexpected obstacles in execution

What's next for Human Cave

Expanding the clock to be able to be set as an alarm, making a full size version of the prototype we created as this project, adding lights to the curtain

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