Hullabaloo Connect-Connect was a result of society's desire to communicate with peers and mentors in both a casual yet professional environment.

What it does

This web application, using a "room" model, allows people to easily setup chat rooms, where they can both draw on a shared canvas as well as chat about these drawing. This lets things like brainstorming, design analysis, prototyping, and artwork very accessible and easy to setup.

How we built it

The backend of this application was designed in node.js and utilized web sockets in both the canvas section and the chat section of the environment. Specifically, the canvas made use of html5's canvas.

Challenges we ran into

Developing the target audience of this environment was at first difficult, as it could be used in my situations. However, with the additions of features, we were able to come to the decision that the app's generality could be used to our advantage. Technically speaking, the implementation of web sockets was new to us and it took some time to learn how to utilize them. However, after dedicated study, we were able to implement a nice application.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

In this application, we were proud of not only building the app, but its wide use. We hope that many people will use this app in the future.

What we learned

The team, as a whole, became more proficient using node.js and also become aware of the power of web sockets. Aditionaly, we learned alot about other technologies and options that we could utilize in the future in further implementing this app.

What's next for Hullabaloo Connect-Connect?

Hullabaloo Connect-Connect doesn't stop here. We see a lot of growth in the application and see that it can be very useful, especially for people who are needing an avenue to network and learn from others.

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