We love AR and We love 3D games,so we aimed to combine both of them under this project

What it does

Hulls escape is an asymmetrical multiplayer game for 2 players where:

  1. Player 1 is the escapee Hull who will play the game in 3D mode and has to reach the target point beating obstacles created by ARgod.
  2. Player 2 is the mafia boss Malone, who has the ARgod controller and will play the game in AR mode. The player will be able to create obstacles to stop Hull from escaping. ## How we built it Unity 3d C# Blender Google Photon ## Challenges we ran into Integration of AR and 3D end. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Proper Game mechanics and Enemy AI

What we learned

A lot about level design and characters scripting

What's next for Hull's Escape -An Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game

More maps and more about hull's story

Built With

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