In a fast paced world, things happen quickly. This makes us forget good and bad memories easily and we wont remember them in future to have a laugh.

What it does

You can leave a memory on a map and it will stay there forever. Leaving your memories on a map gives you opportunity to go back to that same place and reminisce on what you had done.

How I built it

I built it with android studio using google maps

Challenges I ran into

Google Play services 8.1 is not compatable with trnql. Took me a while to figure out to downgrade to 7.5 to work with trnql. Figuring out how to calculate the distance between two map locations(lat, lng.) Other than that everything went smoothly thanks to the documentation provided by trnql

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating trnql into google maps

What's next for Huhli

I only had 5 hours to work with and even with just short time, trnql was able to let me build a small scale app. I am planning on using this technology to build a social app.Have a server side to save the memories on cloud to access from various devices and can share memories with friends and family

Future Plan for the project: 1) Add Serverside so users can login and save their notes on the map 2) Limit users to look at the notes only from certain distance (10 feet) 3) Have a web interface for private properties(universities, schools, and malls) to send guided messages to users in case of emergency. 3a) in case of emergency, authorities can spot where people are and send custom messages to users based on their location. As an example, this will be useful in case of a campus shooting, where authorities can track students and send unique evacuation messages based on their location.

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