We all read and trade stocks, so last year we made the prized YoloOnFannieMae which recommends stocks based on the subreddit. This year, we wanted to utilize our award-winning API and actually build a project that buys the recommended stocks on a simulated trading environment!

What it does

It prompts the user to create a Investopedia account (to do simulated stock trading). Then it presents users with 4 faces representing our 4 developers and based on whichever developer you click, it will buy a random amount of a random stock that is returned from our best YoloOnFannieMae API, so effectively you are buying stocks recommended from /r/wallstreetbets.

How I built it

With lots of coconut water, smash64 (kindly provided by stdlib) sheer willpower. Also a lil bit of python and javascript

Challenges I ran into

InvestopediaAPI uses dashes, so importing it in python 2.7 was broken :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having this awesome top notch site that we can proudly share!

What I learned

Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS

What's next for HughBets

Project that buys REAL stocks instead of simulated one!

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