Huggie is built off of the concept that no one is alone. There is always someone out there that will show you support. Whether you simply need a hug or just want to give hugs, Huggies has got you covered. Let us be wholesome, together, with Huggies.

What it does

Huggies searches and matches you with another user. It then gives both of you a destination to meet up and hug. Premature cancellation notifies the other user.

How I built it

I wrote a back-end using python Django, and the front-end in Java Android

Challenges I ran into

The latitude was being rounded to the nearest integer, making the meetup point 3km away. That was hard to find. Using an emulator as my second phone was also hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of finishing a complicated back-end using python and writing an entire android application in one hackathon.

What I learned

This took a lot longer than I thought due to configuring the python server models. The android center on user button was also tricky to change.

What's next for Huggies

Optimizing the search and find huggie feature, right now it only searches for the closes match, but it should be easy to have requests time-out and be limited by distance.

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