Living far away from loved ones makes one miss their affection. One of the sincerest form of this affection is a hug. To compensate for the distance and to try and recreate the hug and the feeling of warmth, we created Hug Me Like You Do.

What it does

It's a plush heart that detects when you hug it and hugs you back. It also plays the voice note left for you by the person whose hug you are receiving.

How we built it

We used servos to move the arms. They were connected to a pressure sensor made out of carbon black. The carbon black sensor detected pressure. The pressure triggered a fetch for the voice note from the server and to play it through the onboard speaker. The voice note was recorded by an app built specifically for the heart. The heart operations were controlled by a raspberry pi and an arduino. The arduino handled the sensing and servo control whereas the pi handled the audio operations.

Challenges I ran into

Building a pressure sensor out of velostat. Uploading files to the cloud. Package installation. Open heart surgery to place the sensor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the entire thing working.

What we learned

How to use google cloud. How to integrate the pi and the arduino. Controlling servos, detecting pressure.

What's next for Hug Me Like You Do

Miniaturisation to stop carrying around a life support machine, mass production.






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