When around the house, you don't always have your phone or tablet with you. You could easily miss an important notification, be it an email from your boss, or a message from a loved one. Huetifications provides real world notifications for your digital life. Assign a color to your mobile app, and from then on, notifications from said app will temporarily change the color of your Philips Hue lights to match. Dismiss or the notification, and your lights will go back to how they were. Let the lights in your home alert you when: -Someone outbids you on eBay -Prices drop on a flight, hotel or trip on your TripAdvisor app -Your ride has arrived (whether it be a carpool or Uber) -A stock price rises or falls -You receive a payment or bill (PayPal, Bitpay (w/ Bitcoin Wallet), Venmo, your bank) -It's time for you to leave for work -Let your lights wake you up in the morning along with your alarm

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