For several months one of our members had owned these color changing lights, but other than occasional mood lighting, never really used them. This was our attempt to find a way to let a user have these lights play an active role in their lives, as opposed to passive mood lighting.

We felt that we could use these lights to help provide a more immersive experience in one's content. Color is important in dictating context. By adjusting the color and mood of the room one feels a more intimate entertainment experience.

Our app is an OS X application that analyzes the color environment of what is displayed on the desktop and reflects the colors onto a number of networked Phillips lights. Whether you're watching a movie, viewing photos, playing video games, or just getting work done, your environment will reflect what you're doing.

The user is able to select the areas of their screen that they want the application to focus on. By calculating average hues and brightness of the selected area, we're able to accurately determine what the appropriate light color should be.

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