With everyday that passes, we find quantum computing growing in popularity. Students search the internet for examples or definitions of quantum computing, but are instead bombarded with research papers introducing mathematics a decade ahead of their education. Our goal is to create a simple way to understand what quantum computing is and how qubits work. That's where our project comes in, creating a simple representation of how qubits function using LEDs.

How we built it

Built Using:

  • Python 3
  • Q#
  • Arduino

How it works

Vectors of complex numbers represent the probability of a qubit being either a one or zero state. Using linear algebra, we map the state of a qubit to a spherical coordinate. Lastly, we map these points to the RGB color space! We send the RBG data to the Arduino, which then reflects the state of a qubit using LEDs.

Challenges we ran into

designing a PCB communicating with arduino

Built With

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