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It's so amazing to introduce Hue Lufu, the feeling of love for one's character and self, to everyone.


Springing up from the idea of two young girls, Aisha and Aditi, Hue Lufu came to existence after a short introductory session. We came up with ideas on how to improve people's self-esteem through art therapy. After which we involved a final member, Solakunmi, into our team.

What it does

It introduces people to the idea of art therapy and provides resources for them as well to start on projects. We have a gallery of inspiration, as well as a quiz to help people find what art is best for them. We wanted to show people who undergo series of traumas from lack of self love just how much care others, including people like us, show to them. But we chose a different and special method to help them — art therapy. We showed them that they didn't need to have a talent in writing, dancing, drawing, painting, etcetera to express themselves. All they need is to have fun and inspiration from their emotions; and we'd always be there to help!


Well, we linked every video we made use of into the project. Asides that, our imaginations were our major resources!

How we built it

We built the website using HTML and CSS on link. We collected several researches on Art Therapy and studied how it worked and how it could improve people's self-esteems. We built forms to help people also discover their talents if they got stuck. We recommended several videos from YouTube that educate people on how to believe in themselves.

Challenges we ran into

There are a lot of images on our app, so one obstacle we ran into was that the images were not loading properly sometimes, or that they were uneven. We also had a few spacing issues on our website, so we had to figure out how to properly space out everything. Thanks to our mentor, Tayeeb Hasan, who assisted is when we had problems, we were able to overcome them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we overcame our obstacles and built this website, our very first. Considering the time difference, we worked pretty well together and managed to successfully build this website.

What we learned

Not only did we gain HTML and CSS experience from this, we felt like we learned how to properly collaborate and communicate. As beginners in coding, we mostly had an in-person experience, so communicating virtually was weird. We learned a lot about teamwork, leadership, collaboration and communication. In the coding aspects, we learnt HTML/CSS. Also, it helped us build trust in ourselves and it grew our self-esteem too. However, we did learn as the hours passed by, and now we have an awesome website to prove it! :)

What's next for Hue Lufu

For Hue Lufu, inspirational quotes would be next. For many people, it's a quote that inspires them the most to get started. We were thinking of starting a new subsection on our website, dedicated to quotes that will inspire users to get started on building that self-confidence! We also hope to expand it into an organisation, taking sessions with people, advising them on how to love themselves, and lots more!

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