Want to try out different toolkit for making VR game prototypes.

What it does

A protoype for VR game where user can interact with colored balls by smacking or popping them in sequence. Exercise motor skills with hand eye coordination and full arm movement. Or have fun bouncing the ball to hit various background objects.

** How to Play **

  • Bounce the color ball by touching with virtual hands
  • Touch with pinched the hand will pop and recycle ball immediately
  • Match color in sequence to move to next level of difficulty
  • Knock down various background energy cell for extra points.
  • Disable the Robo arm by hitting the core color cube with ball. Arm will no longer remove the

How we built it

Using Csharp and stereo kit demo codes. Adding additional procedural generated animation and tweening animation. Using Blender to create stage and indicator panels. Choose minimalist style to increase frame rates.

What we learned

Learning new library. StereoKit makes it easy to create VR experience prototypes involving UI interaction. Using pure code without bulky game engine editor.

What's next for Hue Grabber

Add more level and refinement, better sound effects, and release for Mobile VR.

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