HUE is a first-person puzzle game where you solve puzzles overlayed on panels and walls as you explore a mysterious


My initial description awas "An inverse Rube Goldgerb machine where you take away items (instead of inserting) in

order to achieve a goal."

Each puzzle consists of:

  • a set of colored panels
  • objects overlayed on those panels, including at least a ball and a key
  • 1 or more colors that are applied in the order specified

To solve the puzzle you must change the color of the panels in an order such that the ball touches the key. To

change the color of a panel you look at a panel and press the "A" key.


  • Left Analog Stick: Player movement
  • Right Analog Stick: Look left/right in small increments
  • "A" or "1" button: Apply color to selected panel (the panel you are currently looking at)


  • Mapping 2D puzzles to 3D environments in an interesting way.
  • Warp points. When looking at an area, a text annotation is shown above with it's name. Hitting 'Y' warps you to

that point.

Notes about what wasn't achieved

  • I wanted to spend more time exploring the puzzle mechanic to see how much depth it had, but ultimately didn't

have enough time to - there are only 5 puzzles, and they don't get into the interesting 3D layouts you can do with

them. I also wanted to try a VR-specific mechanic using colored glasses to affect the colors seen and thus the panels

("If I can't see it, is it there?" - in this case the answer might be "no"). It may have been very gimmicky, maybe


  • The "mysterious mountaintop" was not as developed as I would have liked. The original idea included unlocking

different areas, and having the puzzles interact more with the environment, but none of that currently exists.

  • Audio is lacking


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