I'm an avid user of communication tools like Discord or Slack. They allow me to talk to my team whenever we need that. Huddle in Jira enables this capability to Jira: we can talk about our work without losing the context.

What it does

Huddle in Jira is an audio chat solution added to Jira Cloud. You can start a conversation with a single click directly from Jira ticket: high priority support tickets, new user stories, bug reports, epics and more. Additionally it allows you to share you screen, so that you can present the problem to your team.

How we built it

The app is built on top of Atlassian Forge platform, and it is using for audio conferences and screen sharing. The app is hosted by Atlassian and additionally it connects to for token generation, and audio/video streaming. The app is using React and Typescript. You can develop it in a standalone mode, and deploy to Forge once you are done.

Challenges we ran into

While integrating was quite straightforward, the challenge was to fit it into Atlassian Forge platform, and overcome its limitations.

An example problem I've encountered was very strict content security policy in Forge, which conflicted with two lines of code in VoxeetSDK:

new Function("return this")()
new Function("try {return this===window;} catch(e) {return false;}")

Other limitations imposed by the Atlassian platform include lack of access to display-capture, or preventing full screen. Workaround had to be applied to both problems, and this was the most time consuming part unfortunately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all: it works, but also I'm quite happy about the implementation, because it is always difficult to keep good quality of code, and focus on finishing the project at the same time. Typescript makes it much easier!

I'm also proud to say that becomes yet another tool in my belt thanks to this project.

What we learned

I learned that is very easy to setup. VoxeetSDK is well documented, there are examples, the javascript module is enriched with Typescript and jsdoc.

What's next for Huddle in Jira - audio chat and screen sharing

I would like to keep it simple, but still there is plenty of room for improvements, and opportunities for new ideas, for example: recordings, real time chat, or transcripts. There is also a need to show a list of huddles across the project, or to retain the conference when transition between Jira issues.

I will wait for user feedback, and decide what's next!

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