I arrived quite late and I'm not really an ideas guy. So in my search for a team, I had a chat with John, one of the event organizers and he walked with me across the hackathon floor as we conversed about his experience with slack. I knew I wanted to do something involving slack but I didn't quit know what. While talking to John, I found out that he had experienced a similar issue that I had been tooling around with myself. Wouldn't it be easy for my team to create meetings such that I can do it right through Slack without having to use a third party service. And can that bot be smart enough to check for available time slots and create an event for me and my colleagues.

What it does

I integrates with your Slack team and listens for huddle instructions from the users. Basic operations of Creating a huddle, Joining a huddle were completed during the hackathon.

How I built it

I create a node server hosted on Google cloud to handle the request and workload for huddle bot. It is connected to a firebase instances that stores all data pertinent to the huddle bots operations.

Challenges I ran into

Coming up with a simple an elegant idea for an Slack event bot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's the first pure hackathon project I can really say I'm super proud of.

What I learned

I need to become a punctual ideas guy.

What's next for Huddle

In order for Huddle bot to really be useful in the world. He needs to integrate with calendars and actually perform the boring tasks of looking for and scheduling meeting time slots that work for all parties involved.

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