In the crowded Internet world, it is so important to be heard and to be recognized. Seeing so many themes and templates look similar to one another, our family team of two decided to create a theme as personalized as possible. So what could be more personalized than one person talking to another? So we've built the Absolut HubSpot theme according to this belief focusing on video modules that give a voice for a website owner to stand out from the crowd.

What it does

The Absolut theme is a fully drag-and-drop multi-purpose theme with a huge focus on personalization. It works great for startups, agencies, and tech companies. We have included 30 predefined dnd sections to choose from and build pages with. Absolut also includes 31 premium modules. This set of modules brings modern design functionality to the HubSpot website, so it stands out from the crowd. So here are just a few to name — video backgrounds, mask images, person videos with sound and subtitles, animated text, and animation for Lottie files. Everything has been made to ease the website creation process and add some gems on top.

How we built it

From a technical perspective, we used HubSpot boilerplate as a foundation to build upon. In the development, we used best practises and recommendations listed in HubSpot documentation.

From a user experience perspective, we've made massive research on existing websites on HubSpot CMS and themes available on the Asset Marketplace. The analysis has shown the gaps that we decided to fill, such as bringing personalization, dynamic, and up-to-date design solutions.

We've also spoken to our own partners and clients to learn more about their expectations of the website on HubSpot website. It helped us add a few missing features at the start of the project.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was to keep a balance between customization and consistency. We were trying to find an optimal number of options in global theme settings to make the theme customizable and not overwhelming too much. We wanted marketers and website owners to focus on their content and leave the micro design decisions to the theme.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our second theme and it's much more advanced. We are proud of the new technology we've added to the theme. For example, a microsite page with a video background is one of them. It brings modern design to HubSpot websites.

Another achievement to be proud of is a personalized video module that can be applied to different pages. Its main advantage is autoplay that reacts to the modules position in the viewport, play button, and subtitles. This module helps website owners to be closer to their audience and deliver their messages directly to the end-user. It's Absolut's sweet spot.

Besides that, we are excited about page transition improvements, performance enhancement within QuickLink from GoogeLab, animations, and consistency of the elements of the theme.

What we learned

Thanks to this challenge, we've got into the dnd of HubSpot even more. We have learned tons of nuances about dnd sections and how they work with modules. More importantly, how to override their defaults on section and page levels to provide website owners with reusable chunks of the page and still be able to edit them in specific cases.

We've mastered global theme settings even more. So Absolut's CSS is arranged in a way allowing lots of automatic adjustment once one key setting is changed. All for consistency!

What's next for Absolut HubSpot Theme

The next step for the Absolut theme is expanding into a larger theme. We are planning to add more modules. The number of sections and pages will increase accordingly so we could present this new variety of modules. The plan is to work on an additional pricing module, popup module, newsletter subscription, infinite scroll for the blog, etc.

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