Yesterday, I arrived in Boston on my way home for this hackathon. As my bus pulled into South Station, I tried to compare the cost of Uber and the MBTA. I could see the time and cost to Ubering the whole way, or the time it would take for the T/Commuter Rail. But what if I took the T to Oak Grove, then Ubered from there? How much time would that take? How much would it cost?

I couldn't mix and match between ride sharing and public transport, unless I wanted to calculate each possibility by hand.

What it does

HubHop uses MBTA data, the google maps API, and the Uber API to let you constrain your journey by time or by price.

How I built it

Our app is built on Flask, accessing the Uber & maps APIs.

Challenges I ran into

Besides general debugging, one of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to construct the graph of travel options and determine the n best paths.

What's next for HubHop

  • Adding other ridesharing services
  • Adding the commuter rail
  • Adding other locations besides Boston
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