Some time ago I started creating a little server for the IoT, arduinos and stuff, I really enjoy controlling other devices via command line. All my world was perfect.... until I got a girlfriend. Although she is from the same place I am, she has to travel to hospitals as a specialist and well some times, patients are attended late at night or early in the morning. And because she doesn't have a car yet I decided to share with her my uber account, then I realized it was not very confortable so I decided to make a Button, so similar to the amazon dash button, the only difference is that, the button asks for the cheapest uber product in town and connects itself to the dash API.

How it works

Basically it is a mashup of several technologies, firstly we have a real time, always on server written in Ruby with the help of the helpful event machine, the server has several configurations such as linking to twitter or Facebook and of course uber API. On the other side, the WIFI chip I selected was a simple, easy to use and carry ESP8266, it has a small battery which only consumes energy while making the uber request, after that it shuts down itself. The code inside the chip uses the nodemcu firmware and uses internal lua scripts to handle connections to the server. The chip can be accessed as an Access Point network so it can be configured to a custom WIFI router.

Challenges I ran into

My girlfriend's phone get discharged some times and it is difficult to her request an uber to leave the hospital, so my challenged was how to make something similar to an application that she can leave somewhere in her desk or door and be sure it will work most of the time. Making something useful and small for a real heavy use was really challenging, because I want her to be save and also do not worry if she ever loses the uber panic button, because it is cheap I will always make one for her.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Requesting an über car from directly a hardware and making it small enough to carry easily

What I learned

I learned about ruby real time, uber API and Lua

What's next for Hüber

I really think many people would like to use Hüber for their homes, families, offices or other places where a private driver would be the best choice

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