In the book '12 rules for life', Jordan P. Peterson writes that 'lots of people don't really care for themselves. They don't feel like they deserve something'. They don't really follow doctors' advice and generally don't do that well.

I feel like I can at least try to conquer the first part - about following doctors' advice.

In my opinion, in order to fight this phenomenon of not liking yourself, you should do stuff that will make you more confident about yourself. But the motiviation to create good habits has to be intrinsic. It's a paradox! But it can be fought against.

How do we deal with that? Well, 2 words - games and cats!

Everyone likes playing games, and therefore, if in order to play the game you have to do something that will benefit you in the future, it is the game that you really want to play!

What it does

It is a simple app that is a mix of 'tamagochi' and habit tracker.

In our app, you make an entry to your diary - you earn some food - you feed Hubby(cat) - it is happy for a while And the process repeats, as the happiness of the pet descreases (and hunger increases - cats want to eat all the time!), and you have to make yet another entry. Just what doctor oredered!

You form a good habit while enjoying the time spent doing it!

How I built it

Figma was used to create the design of the app (we are really proud of it!) I used React library to make it a single-page app, Howler library to integrate sounds. I also wanted to integrate MongoDB (database) and Express (server-side), but I didn't have enough time to do that. When I have it , I'll sure finish the application! Here is the link to the repo with backend code that wasn't integrated:

Challenges I ran into

  1. Design. Since I'm not really a design person, creating for the first time in my life was a huuuge challenge for me. But I think it turned out great!
  2. React. Lots of components - this is the first app that I did that is so big in size.
  3. Time constraints. I think that I overestimated my abilities by thinking that I'll do server side as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Great design of the app!
  2. First big React project!
  3. I enjoyed the process of creating new stuff!
  4. I'm not afraid to create new apps anymore! ## What I learned
  5. I can do anything I want to!
  6. I should lean Redux when I have more spare time so that projects don't get messy.
  7. I watched some workshops, I now know more about goal-setting and AI!

What's next for Hubby the Cat

I want to finish the server side, add login functionality etc. I also want to add new cats, customize them, add new habits (all of that can be monetized, so it is a really good opportunity to create a product that everyone will love!). With more investments, starting a social media challenge to use our app would be a great idea too. I sure will continue working on my project!

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