We were inspired to make this after a classroom discussion about how even though teens are so interconnected through social media, they don't have enough exposure to news and local events in order to keep them as informed citizens.

What it does

Hubbub is a news and event planning app that allows teens to view local news and events, as well as organize events themselves. the news will be a combination of local school news and breaking headlines across the globe from all news outlets, allowing for students to both be quickly privy to local school events and aware of important global events without having to navigate to many different news sites.Students are also able to plan events quickly and simply, as well as browse other events sorted by date and sign up for them.

How we built it

We primarily used Java and Android Studios to design the UI of the app, and IntelliJ to write and test our code. For the news app we used the open source News API in order to extract the news based on preferences in the form of JSON, and we used Google's GSON in order to translate it into a readable JSON object. The events planning is a java class that writes and stores files so that user data is saved.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues displaying the map image and integrating java code into android studios, which we had to spend a few hours learning it. We also had to learn how to read and interpret JSON files to get usable data to display for our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to learn how to use JSON for the first time and developing a practical use for Java programming was inspiring to what creators would do in the business world.

What we learned

In Android Studios, we learned new formatting techniques while in Java and JSON we learned semantics to accommodate users in the end product as well as convert walls of text into meaningful articles.

What's next for Hubbub

Hubbub needs some UI improvements in order to make the data appear more humanely digestible and aesthetically pleasing. The base code should suffice, but a database would be a secure upgrade to a written file system.

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