While thinking of a hackathon project idea, our group wanted to make a frontend-focused, modern piece of software with a focus on data visualization and API implementation. Given HackBeanpot's space theme this year, we decided to go with this!

What it does

Hubble functions as an all-in-one chrome startup tab for all things space; info available (aside from the standard date and time) includes Nasa's picture of the day, a twitter implementation of the Hubble Telescope feed, the current amount of total people in space (with astronaut models to represent them!), and various planet data from our solar system.

How we built it

The entirety of the chrome extension is built in javascript, html, and css, with a handful of JQuery plugins providing additional functionality. API's are provided from the Nasa website and Twitter's API site.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulties implementing the twitter API into the website due to authentication errors, so we eventually had to settle on making the icon link to Twitter itself. Several planned features were eventually redesigned to fit the overall theme of the extension as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with custom planet designs presented a challenge, but due to the UX/UI experience of several of our teams members, we were able to come up with clean, modern models of all assets we needed from scratch.

What we learned

Other than improving our communication and collaboration skills, several of us learned a great deal about javascript, html, and UI design. This was the first time any of us had attempted to make a chrome extension, so we're very proud that it turned out the way it did!

What's next for Hubble - Your Place For Space

Though our product can definitely hold up as-is, we could definitely further expand the extension to include additional API functionality, such as a song-of-the-day marker and daily quotes.

SLACK: [Hacker] Lucas Dunker [hacker] sophia villalba [Hacker] Luke Taylor [Hacker] Crystal Zhang [Hacker} Veronica Lekhtman

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