We had 2 interesting observations. First, we noticed that the use cases of AR seem rather limited as they are usually used decoratively and the penetration rate to consumers is low. Another problem we identified is that discount apps are usually carousel based which tends to make it difficult to find an actual deal/promotion physically.

What it does

Huat.AR combines both inspirations to integrate the discovery of nearby promotions and discount seamlessly with an AR-enabled experience.

How WE built it

We take advantage of a recent AR advancement, known as ARjs, which allows AR to be hosted on the web without any need for downloading applications on the smartphone. This makes the process of discovering promotions more seamless and hassle-free. Best Viewed on Mobile Devices

Challenges I ran into

Displaying of information on the UI, providing users with enough information, yet ensuring a clean and smooth interface without the cluttering of the screen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developed a simple prototype with a proper backend in the past 24 hours to showcase a good proof of concept of how people will use Huat.AR to find promotions nearby.

What WE learned

We learned about creating user experiences that are meaningful and fulfilling while meeting the needs of the everyday user of Singaporeans and ensuring that we provide value to their purchases.

What's next for Huat.AR

Huat.AR plans to ride on the wave of 5G to provide an even more immersive experience for its users. In addition, we plan to incorporate computer vision models (Tensorflow.js) for better localization. We hope to become the bridge between AR and everyday consumers by providing a seamless and meaningful use case for AR technology.

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