I wanted to learn how to make http requests through Capital One's API, Nessie. At UW-Madison, the primary programming language used by the statistics and business schools is 'R'. There is no specified format for using R with Nessie, so I created documentation for anyone interested in using Nessie for future R projects.

What it does

Walks you through how to load and create data.frames for data manipulation in R.

How I built it

I started in r-script and then switched to r-markdown to create html files. I used the library httr to use methods POST and GET.

Challenges I ran into

Finding information on how to use the httr package.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Posting my first solo hack!

What I learned

It's ok to take on a solo project if nobody else is interested. Follow your passions.

What's next for httR-CAPI

I will teach my friends in my data science club, dotData, how to use http requests. API's are a great way to find data.

Built With

  • r
  • reimagine
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