This idea came from a discussion in SpaceFi community. We found there's no holders list in Cosmos ecosystem explorer. And after further research, we found Cosmos ecosystem lacks data infrastructures compared to Ethereum. Some usecases of web3 applications are limited. Therefore we discussed to build the DID and Data infrastructure of Cosmos ecosystem. Since SpaceFi community has the function of project incubation, we posted this idea and got a lot of support and discussion from community members. As we talked before:

You don't have as many tools to analyze and display on-chain data as you do in Ethereum ecosystem, such as the top 10 most active addresses involved in governance in Cosmos ecosystem. Not to mention using your DID to go from one chain to another. Think about it, your DID may have a high reputation in Ethereum ecosystem, but how do you bring it into Cosmos ecosystem? And vice versa.

On the basis of Evmos, we're incubating a cross-chain DID project named Soul Network, aiming to make your DID travel freely between Cosmos and Ethereum / EVM ecosystems.

What it does

The initial product of Soul is made up of three main modules, including Badge, Stamp, and Soul ID.

Badge: Badge is your OAT ( on-chain achievement token ), a digital record of all your life's achievements on chain. It's a non-transferable NFT issued by specific Initiators. Imagine that if delegate $EVMOS, you'll be anble to mint a delegator NFT. If you're an eligible testers in testnet, you'll be able to mint a testers NFT. All your on-chain achievement can be recorded in different badge NFTs, part of your reputation. It will not only be limited to Loyalty Programs for NFT, DeFi, Metaverse projects but also for real-world events and life experiences as well.

Stamp: Stamp is the labels builded by creators to mark specific addresses collections. Creators can collect on-chain wallet behavioral data and consolidate into easily understandable Event and Property. For example, NFT whales in Evmos, top 50 addresses delegating in Cosmos ecosystem, or top 100 addresses involving most in Evmos governance, etc. Creators can set their stamp open or private with charge. Correspondingly, you can rate the stamps.

Especially, there're lots of airdrops in Cosmos and Ethereum, where badge and stamp can help to make it more effecitve, not just simple airdrop to delegators. For example, you can airdrop more to active governance participants.

Soul ID: Soul ID is your universal profile, also a soul bound NFT, that will represent your multichain/multiwallet identities in Web3, especially in Cosmos and Ethereum/EVM ecosystem. You can display the badges collected in the web3 world and showcase the history of your achievements. Meanwhile, it will integrate your social or on-chain data such as twitter, mirror, opensea, or orbitalmarket. You can follow other people's profile, forming your on-chain social graph.

How we built it

We're building it in three phases:

Phase1: Initial on Evmos Initial product on Evmos. Enable Badge NFT minting. Some typical example Stamps.

Phase 2: Dive into Cosmos Enable third-party Badge NFT. Improve Soul ID data integration. Collect more Cosmos ecosystem data.

Phase 3: Connect Cosmos and Ethereum Enable Soul ID NFT minting. Integration into more projects. Integration of Cosmos and Ethereum data.

Challenges we ran into

Since there're so much data in Cosmos ecosystem, including many IBC chains, token holders, special addresses, etc., and there was a lack of data collation in this area before, this will be a huge project. We chose to start with some data that has more practical use scenarios and higher community interest, such as the NFT whale holders data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First, we have received a lot of support and participation from community members with many constructive suggestions. Although we could not implement many of them in the first version of product, we have a clearer direction of the requirements.

Second, we completed this initial version of product through a week of focused development. And we already have a roadmap for the next product developing.

What we learned

First, it's important to stimulate the creativity and participation of community. It can provide a clearer direction and help to build consensus.

Second, Cosmo ecosystem has a very long-term plan in terms of cross-chain and interoperability, and Evmos, the EVM hub on Cosmos, has potential in many unique usecases.

What's next for Soul Network

  1. Launch the initial product on Evmos mainnet.
  2. Work with some partners to enabled their badge NFT minting
  3. Collect 5-10 sets of valuable address collections as Stamp samples
  4. Improve Soul ID data integration with badges, stamps, other web3 dapps and social media
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