When i started to play with LN i noticed that there are no free or nearly-free service to make a onchain->LN swaps.

What it does

Converts you on-chain bitcoin and sends it to you over LN. single-liner API also available so its possible to integrate to your own software.

How I built it

Used python, c-lightning and electrum to build the software

Challenges I ran into

While service is based on trust, some ppl are avoiding to use such kind of service. Also, had to linit maximum swap amount to 0.01 BTC because of LN inability to handle larger payments at the time. In case you

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Someone except me is using it :D

What I learned

improved my programming skills a bit

What's next for

Well, as golightning has an API it is possible to integrate it anywhere.

Built With

  • c-lightning
  • electrum
  • lightning-charge
  • python
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