Digital assistant for customer support provides a single platform for customers to easily connect with organizations. It sends immediate responses to address any issue that a customer has. The digital assistant is trained to respond to the key issues using IBM Watson. It is trained to raise tickets for every new issue that Watson doesn’t recognize. Also, the digital assistant can monitor the issues and prioritize issues based on number of issues in a category. This helps organization to keep track of issues based on categories.


Node Express Neo4j -

Credentials Setup

Neo4j- Get the cloud url generated by following the above link and also get username and password. IBM Watson Conversation Api- Get the username, password and workspace id by logging in into IBM conversation api

Getting started

  • To get the Node server running locally:

1) Clone this repo 2) npm install to install all required dependencies npm install

1) npm start to start the local server npm start

Code Overview


  • expressjs - The server for handling and routing HTTP requests
  • nodemailer- For sending emails through gmail account
  • neo4j- The NoSQL graph database to store the tickets or issues
  • IBM Watson Conversation Api- For Digital assistance and sending response to the users

Application Structure

  • ./bin/www- This is where the server is started
  • app.js - The entry point to our application. This file defines our express server. It also requires the routes we'll be using in the application.
  • ./routes/index.js - This is where we have defined express routes to different screens and it also contains the logic for communicating with IBM watson Conversation API. Please provide the credentials for IBM watson Conversation API, * Neo4j Database and Gmail Account.
  • routes/ - This folder contains the route definitions for our API.
  • public/ - This folder contains the static Angular JS 2 files for User Interface.
  • public1/- This folder contains the assets required for building a login page.

Youtube Link to our Project Video :

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