I was asked by somebody I know if I can build them a mobile application to manage their salon bookings. That got me thinking, so I realized why not and why not expand on the idea. I already knew about WhenHub and when Scott posted the hackathon details on his blog, I decided to enter.

What it does

The idea of my entry is to allow any user of Whenhub to manage his or her schedules and events from this application, which can be run on mobile, tablet, desktop. The second unique idea is that besides managing your events, this also allows a public user (client, member of public etc.) to make a request for an appointment.

How I built it

Evenings and weekend, after Scott's blog informing readers of the hackathon. Wish he had said something sooner :) I used Angular and Typescript, everything is done by myself, one man army. For styling, I used bootstrap and to fake an API server, I use json-server (npm package)

Challenges I ran into

Incomplete documentation and not enough time. No partner meant I spent time wireframing rather than focusing on the code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Usable app in a very short time.

What I learned

How to build something really fast and stop the scope creep. Can I do without this? Yes. Skip it. :)

What's next for

I would like to develop this into a full product, mobile, web and tablet. Angular provides this flexibility. I would like to allow clubs or schools, businesses and basically any institution that requires a booking system to manage bookings for entire groups or persons. Any why not go one step more and automate communication via mobile push notifications, either party can request a change which can be automatically synced to both parties (provided agreed on changes) etc. Notify entire groups of changes or cancellations. Of course, my submission is just the work of around 10 evenings and 1 weekend... so the above is more of a roadmap.

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