This inspiration came from CSU-GE Predix challenge and provided predix sensor data to develop an application which will be very useful for San Diego city people and government as well.

What it does

This application uses predix sensor data for traffic, situational awareness and combines it with weather data to create a emergency service app. This app notifies signed up users of app to alert about earthquake, traffic, flood, tree falls or accidents and traffic. This app provides admin view which will show all statistics of issues.Signed up user can see which route to follow, available shelter, hospitals, schools and grocery stations in case of an emergency.

How we built it

This app has a responsive web and mobile UI. Web UI is for admin users which will show admin dashboard with all statistics available and mobile UI is for signed up customers which will show alerts for emergency situation and routes to follow. UI is developed using HTML5 and predix data is collected using node js.

Challenges we ran into

While rendering data on UI we faced few challenges which we overcome by working in team

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of developing a working web and mobile UI app using predix sensor data for emergency services which will help San Diego city people and government to save lives and money.

What we learned

We learned accessing predix data from their remote server and working in team on a same idea is a great achievement.

What's next for

More analytics with image processing and probably using more deep learning methods for further predictions.

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