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⚡ Idea

Story behind the idea

A while back i was working in a startup. We were three people mostly, backend developer, me the frontend guy and the idea guy. While working there the most of the issues that were related to http status and api calls. We mostly will keep asking "What's the response?".

As, the team got bigger and we added a lot of new interns. They too started working with api's and some of them would have a similar issue mostly. If some had a 401 issue I would have to tell them to authorize.

Actual Idea

Either you are above the api or below the api

Http status is basically a custom issue field in a jira issue. I think it can be of great help while working on making rest apis. Since, most of the issue with the same response error will have the same solution. The frontend guys or the tester would be making the same mistakes, those issue can be solved and clubed together.

This is a very simple, yet something which can give high utility and productivity. Highly helpful for days when the backend developer and fronend developer join their hands.

Backend developer 🤝 front developer

"What's the response?"

⚙️ What it does

Http status

  • Custom field for http status for working with rest api's
  • Open sourced
  • All the http response (1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX)

App for jira

type: custom field in issue

target audience: DevOps (testers, QA, backend, frontend)

function : organisation, utility

How it works

Add the http response custom field in your issue panel. Now, you can organise your issue based on the http response they have.


  • Good UI
  • User experience is great
  • Highly utility
  • Open sourced
  • Free ( when i will release it)

What's next for http response

  • [ ] Give more customization options
  • [ ] Create an admin page based on the http response
  • [ ] Working more on organising the issues.

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Since, I mostly made paletto for my own utility. I am quite satisfied with what i have build.

I would love to hear your feedbacks.

  • How can i make it better for you?

  • Do you think you would like to have this app in your organisation?

  • Maybe you would have a better perspective.

  • Just a critic !

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fork it.

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