Do you want to learn fast and forget about forgetting? Want to remember everything you'll ever learn? HT-Reader - is the solution for you!

What it does

HT-Reader implements spaced repetition algorithm. What does it mean? Spaced repetition means that the information you don't want to forget will constantly reappear in your feed after some interval. The algorithms makes sure the intervals is optimal for you to remember the information as good as possible without being too annoying.

What kind of information is supported? We support 3 main types of information entities:

  • article - consists of the article title and the contents. Example: any article from wikipedia.
  • extracts - short pieces of information you want to remember. Easily creatable when reading the article - just select the text using your mouse!
    • cards - interactive pieces of information which allow you to check the answer for some information. Easily creatable from extracts, it has the question and the answer which you pre-fill yourself. After some time you are checking if you still remember the answer and mark the question as easy or hard. Depending on your mark the algorithm decides how to reschedule the question - e.g. show it next day or next week.

How we built it

We decided the newest and the coolest technologies both on the back-end and the front-end side.

On the front-end we used Angular 2.0 Beta with TypeScript and on the back-end we used Play! Framework with Scala.

The app is a Single-Page-Application which serves a single html-file as an entry point, a bunch of static js/css/img bundles and has a number of REST endpoints on the back-end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While members of the team have never participated together in the hackathons, and while every single team member used a totally new technology for him we still managed to create something that works!

What we learned

We learned many new cool technologies, we improved our communication skills while working in the team.

What's next for HT-reader

We would like to implement a related concept called "Incremental Reading" which allows you to read many-many articles at once, remembering where you stopped. This allows you to read hard-to-understand articles by pieces not killing your mind at one moment!

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