Time Logging Task List ((TL)^2)

Do you ever add a task to your list but never get to it? (TL)^2 makes tasks actionable by allow you to spend and track any amount of time on them.

Many tasks, including long term personal goals, require work on them for a large amount of time. This makes them seem overwhelming. (TL)^2 allows you to accumulate time by allowing you to spend any amount of time on the task and track that. It is also flexible.

Dart (part of the Flutter SDK) — the primary language of the app — was completely new to all of us. Knowing the importance of Flutter in building beautiful cross-platform apps, we learnt how to build a Flutter project from scratch in the first half of our hackathon. In only 36 hours, we learnt a new skill and applied to solve a real-world problem — personal productivity. Knowing what a small team is capable of will empower us in future hackathons and in our lives.

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