Inspired by a Twitter post we stumbled upon.

What it does

Theoretically it would analyze parking signs using image recognition and OCR (e.g. openCV, tesseract), then proceed to tell the user if they are able to park in that spot at their current time. If they can, 6ix Simple Park will also handle payment if necessary. Otherwise, nearby parking spots will be suggested.

How we built it

Built using React Native for front-end, and Flask for back-end

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to find an accurate OCR - oftentimes missing pieces of the sign. We also had difficulty differentiating multiple signs within a picture. Since we were experiencing unreliable results with image recognition, we couldn't continue with the actual processing of information from the images.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Brainstorming, team building

What we learned

  • Image recognition can be very tricky
  • HTN has a lot of good resources and help available

Built With

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