Open Eye is an analytics program that tracks eye movement on webpages. The data collected is very useful for identifying user behavior, ad performance, and content popularity. Open Eye vastly increases the amount of data available to companies and businesses looking to optimize their technologies and online performance.

In previous applications, data hungry companies could only get a user's cursor activity on a page. Open Eye applies a study done by Brown University (WebGazer: Scalable Webcam Eye Tracking Using User Interactions) and relies on the webcam to monitor exactly where you are looking on a webpage. It utilizes advanced computer vision and face detection algorithms to pinpoint coordinates.

Based on eye movements, a heatmap is generated, collected and stored in Firebase currently for data mining purposes. In the future, we are hoping to add a blockchain integration to the application to facilitate the economics behind data transfer (buying and selling). We were hoping to add an incentive of small sums of tokens/money for users accomplishing "microtasks" (ie. using the extension on specific websites), and have companies pay for insights. We would accomplish this through an existing blockchain technology such as Ethereum or

Potential Applications:

  • Website behavior monitoring (for academic or business purposes)
  • User testing
  • Ad performance and engagement
  • Content popularity for social media posts (think Facebook, Twitter, or Quora, how much time someone spends reading, etc.)
  • E-commerce (integration with Shopify)
  • IoT (integrated with TVs, other monitors for more data collection)
  • Kiosks (integration with ATMs, food ordering, etc.)
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