Self-driving cars and vehicle-to-vehicle communications is an increasingly significant field, as mentioned by Vinod Khosla, and as students who all bike, we believe it is important to integrate bikers into this infrastructure.

What it does

Detects arm signals from bikers, and communications with surrounding vehicles to provide information used for self-driving cars.

How we built it

Designed a system to allow integration of bikers with potential vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems of the future. Uses Pebble API to detect arm signals of bikers, and communicate with surrounding cars. This project simulates the communication between the biker's Pebble watch and on-board vehicle communication modules by using an Android application to represent the car's relevant status, and implementing a communication protocol via a python backend web service (which would be replaced with a direct communication protocol between the Pebble watch and on-board vehicle communication systems).

Challenges we ran into

Undefined communication protocol. Couldn't develop directly with a car/bike, so needed to come up with way to simulate system and communication. Pebble watch didn't have gyroscope sensors, or ability to recognize finer motor movements (like the Myo armband).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completed development ahead of schedule.

What we learned

Learned how to use Pebble API.

What's next for HTN-Bike

As the communication protocols for vehicle-to-vehicle communications becomes more well defined/standardized, we would like to continue to develop this system.

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