Have you ever wanted to do something new, fun, and exciting with your significant other but found yourself at a loss for date ideas? That’s a feeling that every member of our group has felt before - whether we were bored with a friend or failing to plan a Valentine’s Day date. With those sentiments in mind, we decided to create a product that could illuminate your date ideas - and thus Lumidate was born.

What it does

Lumidate is an app that generates date ideas based on the user’s preferences and location. With date categories such as “Stay Active,” “Get Cosy,” and “Game Night,” there is an idea for everyone! The user can choose their preferred category. Lumidate suggests an idea based off of the user’s preferred date category, then displays potential date locations on a map. Each date idea is saved in the user’s personal profile.

How we built it

Lumidate was built using React Native so we could provide this app for both Android and iOS users. We used HTML and CSS to design the user interface. Location suggestions and map displays were created using the Google Maps API. Finally, the database where all the date ideas and user profiles are stored were created using MySQL.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was learning about the new software and development platforms that we used. What one of us was familiar with, the others were not. We had to quickly learn about the different softwares to be able to help one another. After hours of trial and error, we learned how to work together and create an app we are all proud of!

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Our greatest accomplishment is our seamless communication and organization that allowed for a timely completion of Lumidate. Although each member of the group was responsible for a predetermined section of the project, our group maintained open communication and we diverged from our assigned roles when necessary. This way, we were able to tackle all unforeseen issues right away. We are proud of our supportive team dynamic that helped us create Lumidate, a project in which we believe in.

What we learned

Throughout the experience, our biggest lesson learned was that we should aim to be fully comfortable with the languages and modules that we plan to use in our project before starting. Although learning through application is effective, our group spent a large portion of time familiarizing ourselves with our development environments and debugging unfamiliar code. This was less-than-ideal due to the quickly-approaching deadline of the hackathon. In the future, we will be sure to explore unfamiliar programming topics well in-advance to maximize output during the event.

What’s next

We hope to bring Lumidate to the next level by training our model to learn from and to adapt to consumer behaviour, so we can provide our users with a personalized selection of date activities. We also hope to implement a feature that can find nearby accommodation for date ideas which are far from the user’s location. This feature would be able to compare prices of all the possible accommodations nearby so the user could choose the one that fits their needs best. We hope these improvements will illuminate the endless possibilities that Lumidate can bring!

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