HTMLHint: The static code analysis tool for your HTML to improve the code review and refinement process.

What HTMLHint does

HTMLHint analyzes your HTML code based on user-customizable rules. HTMLHint works on both the command line, in the browser, as well as with extensions that integrates the syntax verification directly with text editors and IDEs.

Our Contributions

During HackIllinois, the team brought the legacy code base back to life by refactoring legacy code and making features additions. This includes migration from ES5 to ES6 to add support for more functionalities. Additionally, the code bundler of this project was moved from Grunt to Webpack which allows us to package the codes in UMD format, enabling the community to use the tool universally in more environments, including cli, browser, IDEs, and text editors.

Meanwhile, we also submitted fixes to existing long term bugs in the code base. Furthermore, we expanded HTMLHint's feature set to improve the tool's functionality. This was accompanied with updates to the documentation as well. Lastly, we began the development of a new front end for HTMLHint to replace the legacy website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

HTMLHint is an amazing code analysis tool that aids code review and refinement. We were very fortunate to work on a powerful tool that has an promising potential. HTMLHint is a project built in JavaScript and we were able to update the project to improve legacy code and add support for future improvement to the tool's functionality.

We were able to file many pull requests on HTMLHint as well as fix and resolve project issues that had been pending for a long time whilst also implementing functionality for new features and a website.

Closed issues:

Opened issues:

Merged Pull Requests:

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What we learned from our challenges

As with any project, navigating around existing code takes time and our amazing mentor provided help in understanding the foundations of the project that allowed us to independently improve the project's code and functionality.

What's next

Working on a open source was an amazing opportunity to not only grow our skillsets by contributing to HTMLHint but also allowed us to work on an amazing code analysis tool that has a large community and hence have a real world impact in aiding users with their code review, refinement and analysis process.

Github Gist: https://gist.github.com/Neo-Zhixing/ca29b2ebf80c6f34583ed1915699256b

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