When sharing quick notes with fellow team members they are often poorly presented so idea was to make it simple and a bit easier for fellow developers.

What it does

This simple CLI tool takes text file as input and transforms it into HTML and Markdown files.

How we built it

Build it with Go's channels in a way that we read lines from text file and transform them into Markdown syntax, than transforming that Markdown into HTML with the help of 3rd party GO package

Challenges we ran into

Most challenging part was to orchestrate reading text lines while at the same time transforming them to Markdown and HTML syntax with Go channels.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made reading and transforming text work in Go concurrent mode with channels and learned a bit of Go.

What we learned

Learned a bit of concurrent development process with Golang.

What's next for Html MD Generating from text

Plan is to polish some edge cases like formatting pasted code a bit better and maybe instead of opening local HTML file in browser, host it as static file on cloud CDN by default.

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