This project is for hosting a text based adventure game. Text based games can be loaded from a mySQL server into the application. Uses the NEXMO SMS API to receive text votes for choosing which options to take in the game. This allows large communities/groups of people to play the game collaboratively together.

Imagine a setting where there is a large group of people, such as at a hackathon or on a livestream, who would like to play an adventure game together. This app allows someone to host a game. The UI shows part of the story and multiple options of what steps can proceed. The players/audience have 30 seconds to vote on the play via. the NEXMO SMS API. After the time is up, the play is made and the tree structure of story parts is traversed another step. The next part is displayed and the game continues. (Future expansion point for TTS integration reading out the story). A story can be chosen from a bank of pre-existing stories in a mySQL server, which are loaded into the app via. SQL queries.

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