ChoreScore was designed to create clear communication and expectations between parents and kids when it comes to chores and tasks. We observed that chores are a drag and hard for both adults to get kids to do and for kids to want to do them. So many family frustrations are over kids not wanting to do their chores. We created a concept that gamifies chore doing. The parents can set the expectations of the chore and set a reward. Whether it be an ultimate prize, points, or winning a challenge against a sibling. This concept sets clear communication and expectations between the family, and it is fun because its competitive and there are rewards!

We designed what our ideal application would look like using Adobe XD (video demo), but we knew that within the restraints, we would not be able to accomplish this. We thus set a more realistic goal of creating a simple functioning web application. We collaborated on Visual Studio and ultimately managed to make a login and registration system and a task list that can be updated with completion status.

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