having to travel is a fun time for everyone until you realize that you can no longer use Google because you're out of or you didn't have any to start with in the first place. From directions, and finding restaurants to simply searching something up we need Google for everything, which is why I made Toogle.

What it does

Through the use of the Twilio, Google, and a local server Toogle can receive text messages on a flask application and in return send a twmil that allows Twilio to text your phone with directions, places in your area, searching something up, and much more.

How I built it

I built this program using a flask web app that when linked with Twilio can receive messages and determine what the body of the text was asking for. After the program know what the user asked for it determines what method to call all of which use the Google API to respond with the correct response.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges that I ran into were:

  • not knowing how to use the Twilio API to receive messages
  • not knowing how to run different methods based on the body of the text
  • not knowing how to host a local server on my laptop

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the main accomplishment that I am proud of is being able to host a local server on my laptop.

What I learned

  • how to use the google and twilio API ## What's next for toogle
  • incorporating more and more features using google api's
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