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What is HSAD?
Why is this important?
HSAD Workflow
Installing HSAD
Running HSAD
Optional ViruSpy Testing and Validation
Optional Additional Functionality

What is HSAD?

The project deals with a website that search mechanism for drug related information. Specifically, categorising it through age, drug name, symptoms and etc filters.

Why is this important?

Drug addiction is a public health crisis in America. It is important to ensure easy accessibility of such informations.

HSAD Workflow

We started with brainstorming of ideas and researching on health crisis related issues. We also made personas to nail down the main target audiences. Through discussion, we made wireframes and userflow that will allow easy accessibility of drug safety information. Design mockups are done using figma, a collaborative web design tool. It is coded in visual studio code, foundation and dreamweaver. Please view pdf in main folder for actual website design.

Installing ViruSpy

The website is hosted on UTA cloud and does not require any installation. User simply browse it through browsers of their choice.

ViruSpy Testing and Validation

Additional Functionality

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