"Many children Struggle in Schools... Because the Way they are being taught is incompatible with the way they learn." - Peter Senge

Some children are just not prepared to learn in openly communicative methods. Some require privacy to learn. Privacy, being an idea that schools resent, is not available for these kids. But even these kids require communication. That is how HS AnonyX came to be. Noticing how these kids denied openly communicative methods due to factors such as judgement and bullying, they were faced with stress so harsh, that their only way to escape was suicide. HS AnonyX was created to prevent this. We support the idea of closed communicative methods, that do not give out personal identification. We give these kids an opportunity to communicate with their peers without being judged. Everyone deserves an equal voice, but not everyone can express it freely. With HS AnonyX learning is produced in a less stressful environment, so no student will EVER be in fear of asking questions.

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