The Hawaii Revised Statutes are difficult to access and research online.

What it does provides a mobile interface to browse or search the Hawaii Revised Statutes in a quick and simple manner.

It also provides cross-reference links to other statutes and the original Session Laws of Hawaii that compile or amend each statute.

How I built it

I used Python to parse the html files into JSON and vue.js to build a mobile-first static single page webapp and view the JSON files.

Challenges I ran into

Parsing the data was the biggest challenge. The source data of 20K+ statutes has various typos and minor inconsistent formatting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Deciphering the HRS hierarchy and learning vue.js.

What I learned

In my research, I learned how a bill becomes an act when signed by the governor. Then that act revises the HRS.

What's next for

Incorporating the various ordinances of each county, starting with ROH.

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